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The Mirror and I

Read materials…..brainstorm…..research more…..accomplish weekly assignments…….attend to adoption process….household chores…..husband asking for a movie date…..allergy attack…..headache and cough visitors ….everything seems to be pulling me down and sap my energy. I got up from my bed and walk in a lazy manner to pick up a hairbrush. As I looked at the mirror, I realized that I need a talk with myself in order to be back on track with my journey to teaching professionalism. Then as if the mirror knew that I needed someone to talk to, it gradually gave  me back my reflection with a messy hair to talk to.

Are you tired? Maybe. Quitting? No, not really. So let’s talk about what’s bugging you the most. Ah for the past days, I was with Knowledge Base and it seems like it doesn’t like me for a friend. Oh okay. Let me ask you what should be the basis of friendship? Trust? Openness? Sharing? Hmmmm I think so. Do you think Knowledge Base can trust you? What do you mean? I mean can it trust you that you’d stay with it through thick and thin? Can you afford to open your heart and mind to what it is willing to impart to you? Or can you share what you have learned from it? Oh tough questions but I think I do. I want to go back to teaching. That’s the spirit. Why not practice by telling me what you know about Knowledge Base? I think Knowledge Base would appreciate how much you know about it and would be willing to give you a chance of  friendship. Okay, I’ll try. 

According to what I have heard and read, Knowledge Base is something that has to be with me before I go out and proceed to a classroom to teach. It’s very complex , not fixed nor final but essential to effective teaching and that it constantly requires new learning. It has three main categories which include content knowledge(what to teach), pedagogical knowledge(how to teach) and technology knowledge(what to use). Those can be sourced out from scholarship in content disciplines, educational materials and structures, formal educational scholarship and wisdom of practice. And the knowledge base is  comprised of knowing, understanding, reasoning, representing, transforming, evaluating, reflecting managing, and forming new comprehension. It is  also ……

Ooooppps  Whew! That’s a lot! Do you think that Knowledge Base can be mastered overnight? No, I don’t think so. 

That’s it. Embrace the process and don’t be too hard on yourself. Breathe. Focus on the goal. Remember that there is no shortcut and the  trip towards it is a long road to take. There will be ups and downs, rain, strong winds or sunshine along the way and it takes determination to continue. Time will come when all this gibberish  will become history because Knowledge Base and you are already in a beautiful friendship.

Module 3 Ejournal clipart

“Darling!, it’s time for breakfast.” Oh I forgot. Let me go back to reality first. 🙂

* * *

Ice Breaker 🙂

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?

KB ng teacher.

KB ng teacher who?

Kailangang Baon ng Teacher

What baon?

KB – Knowledge Base 🙂

* * *

On the other hand, I had the fascination of Nancy’s story on Shulman’s Foundation of the New Reform reading material. I really wish I can be as effective as she is. Her expertise in managing of ideas within classroom discourse is really great. Teaching literature for me is a difficult task but since mastering it is necessary, I have to start reading and knowing how to interpret literature pieces to be a versatile teacher.