Making Connections : The Challenge

Note: This is my reflection in relation to creativity in teaching as a compliance to a course requirement and the images are part of my expression.  🙂

What ever it is that interests you …..that energy manifests itself creatively in the fabric of the classroom.

What could be wrong with me? Why did I fail to connect my interests to my way of teaching? Okay, I mean I can sew my own blouse, a baby’s cloth diaper, and maybe because I have Youtube to follow instructions and not because I am creative? or maybe I am just a loner?

I turned cross stitch patterns to life ; and that too has procedures. But it involves deep concentration , right? Would it be because it has no originality from me? Perhaps yes.


I salvaged a piece of wood and sculpted it into a red dog for my veranda. Doesn’t it make me creative? I didn’t follow any pattern except the one I drew on the side of it and I didn’t have proper training on sculpture. I just love the feeling of accomplishing something (intrinsic motivation?  Amabile,1983) I am not familiar with, ignoring the noise and minor injuries while manhandling a chisel and a hammer awkwardly. Wouldn’t you call that perseverance? or maybe a cousin of persistence and assertiveness?

red dog

Another case, our decades old metal door knob was replaced last year. I was looking at the bits and pieces of the knob which my mother in law decided to throw and suddenly and idea came into mind. I assembled them and put something to make this :


Would you still deny me of being innovative for creating a design? I mean I am willing to be spontaneous (DfES, 2003; QCA, 2005a). I also love photography and producing great pictures involve some sense of creativity I guess.


I have also written something which was featured in a newspaper (just once though). And despite all of those, I still wonder why I fail to notice expressed  satisfaction of my teaching strategies.  Again, what could be wrong? Am I on the wrong track? What could be some factors that blocked the chance to integrate my hobbies to my teaching activities in the past? Could it be an issue of my failure to understand the relation between ordinary art to the art of teaching?

One issue raised by Lubart & Sternberg(1995) was that risk-taking tendency is associated with artwork creativity but not for essays and that evaluators fail to acknowledge the risk if it’s not related to their beliefs. So how would I be creative if I have to conform to the beliefs of the evaluator? Doesn’t it  create a confusion? What I perceive could be too raw for I lack the actual experience of teaching in a regular school and that I need to be “in the practice” to be able to develop my creativity in teaching. Anyway, based on investment theory, the “the view of creativity as a decision suggests that creativity can be developed.” Maybe some collaboration with experts would awaken my power to connect my interests. It’s my greatest challenge.  As of now what I can probably do is to research and find ways to adapt or re-create some of the ideas related to my interests from others. And if somehow I will still fail to connect my diverse interests into teaching, do you think I have to reflect on what kind of future I should be in?  But still I am not ready to give up. 🙂 I just hope that I will be able to relate my creativity in teaching as to how Einstein described creativity…..someday.



Sternberg, R. J. (2006). The nature of creativity. Creativity Research Journal, 18(1), 87-98.

Cremin, T. (2009). Creative teachers and creative teaching (Chapter 3). In Wilson, A. (ed.). Creativity in Primary Education (2nd ed.). Southernhay East, Exeter: Learning Matters, pp. 36–46.

Learning from Creative Teachers:


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