Commitment After Introspection

Going through the links provided this first week of classes, I was able to engage in some self-contemplation about how I do things in the past and on what to do to enhance my learning activity. The scores I got after doing the Self Regulation Questionnaires showed how poor I am in time management and that I have lots of work to do in order to be an effective time manager.

I decided to list the things that I used to do in the past with the corresponding changes that I am set to follow from now on to be closer to having a tag of an “effective time manager”.

   Past                               Now & the Future

“Can remember them all” mentality     Have a schedule of activities ahead to be able to have anoverview of the tasks to be performed
  Procrastination Follow the schedule religiously
  Being a fan of “cramming” Divide and prioritize tasks
 Overrating myself for a poor performance Better performance = reward
Easily distracted by the noise at home while studying Go to the public library to study

After committing myself for the better, I have started doing the first item on the list and slowly taking steps following the second. I was a non-believer of this ever since until my first trimester taking PTC course. I got heavier responsibilities now that I am married and so I have to quit trusting too much on my ability to remember things at once.  🙂

Schedule Notes There’s nothing much in it but well, I am trying to be realistic. 🙂 Have a nice day!


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